I've copied the Listing 'LISP1.5-Bonnie-sBirthdayAssembly.pdf' to an
ASCII file that can be assembled with asm7090.  The same layout of
listing output is obtained (the addresses at the bottom of each
listing page match).  But I've not tried to run it on the 7090
emulator yet.

If you find any difference (other than what's mentionned in the README
file) between lisp15.asm and LISP1.5-Bonnie-sBirthdayAssembly.pdf,
please tell me!

Also, the README file suggests some modifications that could be
implemented in asm7090 to move it closer to "Bonnie's assembler".

The LISP15 transcription is now available thru git:
git clone http://git.informatimago.com/public/lisp15

The original Listing:

The asm7090:

Pascal J. Bourguignon