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<a href="closer-weak.lisp">COM.INFORMATIMAGO.CLEXT.CLOSER-WEAK</a></b></tt>
Closer to Weak objects.
Implements the specification: http://clisp.cons.org/impnotes/weak.html
for Common Lisp implementations that have weak-pointers.
WEAK-OR-RELATION is a primitive that cannot be implemented propertly
without implementation support.
Currently work on:
clisp      full support
cmucl      partial support (missing WEAK-OR-RELATION)
sbcl       partial support (missing WEAK-OR-RELATION)
Read-time Features:
:WEAK-TEST    When testing, call the garbage collector
to break weak pointers sooner.
:DEBUG-WEAK   When compiling on clisp, use this implementation
instead of the native one.