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com.informatimago.clmisc Common Lisp Miscellaneous Library

This library contains various CL packages.


Here is a way to "mirror" the cliki page used by asdf-install.

Darcs repository: http://darcs.informatimago.com/darcs/public/lisp/

File: http://darcs.informatimago.com/darcs/public/lisp/clmisc/asdf-system-tarball-location.lisp

It add some functions to asdf-system to keep a local copy of the assoc
between the system names and the tarball urls, and use it instead of
accessing cliki to install an asdf system.

    (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :asdf-system)
    (push (function package:package-system-definition)
    (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :com.informatimago.clmisc)

    (asdf-install:asc-update-cliki-tarball-locations :verbose t)
    ;; Updates the local cache with the tarball locations on cliki.
    ;; This doesn't modify the personnal associations.

    ;; gives a list of known asdf-installable system names.

    ;; Prints the same list, with the URL of the tarballs
    ;; (and the last response code obtained when finding the URL
    ;; when it's not 200),
    ;; and whether the asdf system is installed and/or loaded.

    (asc-system-tarball-location "split-sequence")
    ;; Returns the tarball URL (string).

    (setf (asc-system-tarball-location system-name) tarball-url)
    ;; Sets a personnal tarball URL.  It may hide a cliki URL.

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