iolib.termios - an iolib (
extension for RS-422/485/232 (aka serial) devices - i.e. termios (3)
api common lisp wrappers.  It is still proof of concept now, and
currently there is no documentation, except docstrings.

Some notes:

Each instance of the `dual-channel-tty-gray-stream' store original
termios settings (baud rates, control characters values etc.) and
call `close' on such stream will restore this settings.

If you specify `read-timeout' & `write-timeout' options of the
`dual-channel-tty-gray-stream' (via `setf'), then
`stream-read/write-sequence' methods (from iolib.base package) will
poll stream `fd' for corresponding i/o operation with specified timeout
values before reading/writing.

Using `with-raw-serial' serial macro is recommended. Syntax is like with-open-file:
 (with-raw-serial (stream path &key (speed 115200) (parity n) (byte-size 8))
    &body body)

I.e. you should only specify require baud rate (note, that this macro
will look for a corresponding baud rate constant and signal en error,
aif you will try to use nonstandard baud rate), byte/character size and
parity checking mode.

You could also use `with-tty-stream' macro that can give you more

stty function is like stty shell utility, except that you should
type 'icanon instead of -icanon to disable feature, '(icanon t)
instead of `'icanon' to enable feature, '(vtime 1) instead of `vtime
1' to specify some value. And note that switching to raw mode is just
'raw, not '(raw t).