Hangman - Nib-Less Cocoa Application in Common Lisp Example

This is an implementation of the hangman game for MacOSX / Cocoa,
written in Common Lisp with ccl.

This demonstrates a simple Cocoa application written with ccl, without
using xib/nib files, but constructing the user interface entirely
programmatically (cf files nsapi.lisp and hangman-controller.lisp).


The program can be loaded with quicklisp in arunning ccl image for
development and debugging.  Note

    (push #P"~/src/hangman/src/" asdf:*central-registry*)
    (ql:quickload :com.informatimago.hangman)
    (in-package :com.informatimago.hangman.cocoa)
      (setf *controller* [[HangmanController alloc] init])
      [*controller* createUI]
      (initialize-game *controller*))

after modifications, one can reset it with:

     [*controller* dropUI]
     [*controller* createUI]
     (initialize-game *controller*))


To generate the application package, with the Makefile:


This generates an application package on the desktop named
Hangman.app, using the generate-application.lisp script.


This program is distributed under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC
LICENSE, Version 3.  Cf. file COPYING.