Added a bug in the bug list.

Pascal J. Bourguignon [2015-08-07 07:00]
Added a bug in the bug list.
diff --git a/ddns/README b/ddns/README
index a268b1e..ee56bd7 100644
--- a/ddns/README
+++ b/ddns/README
@@ -230,4 +230,9 @@ Known Bugs:
 #. We use MD5 in the protocol, this is not safe anymore, SHA256 should
    be used instead.

+#. the request message is sent without CR.LF, and accepted as such
+   (using CL:READ) by the server.  Since that's the only message sent
+   by the client, it's ok, but it might be better if the protocol
+   insisted on a CR.LF.
 .. comment: THE END