Utilities for implementing SUSV3 API.
    SUSv3 dirent functions.
    An API over SUSV3-XSI IPC.
    Note: The number of queues in a system is limited. 
    An application could use the message type as a recipient address.
    cliini:  There's always another way to achieve the same thing. 
    But it's the lisp way to offer nice and intuitive interfaces 
    to achieve the stuff, otherwise we might all be using assembler.
    [2005-01-02 20:30:53]
    Multiprocessing for clisp.
    This package doesn't implement threads like in other Common-Lisp
    implementations.  Rather it uses plain unix processes.
    This has sever implications for IPC: there is no shared memory,
    all inter-process communication must go thru pipes or sockets.