;; -*- mode:lisp;coding:utf-8 -*-

;;;  Entries are tagged, so that we can filter them out dynamically
;;;  when generating resumes.

  (:name "Pascal BOURGUIGNON")
  (:nationality (:text (:en "(French)")
                       (:fr "(Français)")
                       (:es "(Francés)")))
  (:birth-date 1964 3 15)
  (:birth-place "Hayange, France")

  (:address "37, rue Rouget de Lisle"
    "Appartement 210"
    "92130 Issy Les Moulineaux"
  (:phone "+33 637 191 327")

  ;; (:address "Plza Vincente Añón Marco, 13; 6"
  ;;           "46025 Valencia"
  ;;           "España")
  ;; (:phone "+34 636 653 318")

  ;; (:address "73, rue Danton"
  ;;           "93310 Le Pré Saint Gervais"
  ;;           "France")

  ;; (:address "C/ José María Bergamin, 7; 2°4 "
  ;;           "29660 Nueva Andalucia "
  ;;           "España")
  ;; (:phone "+34 952 811 048")
  ;; (:phone "+34 636 653 318")
  ;; (:address "CZ Saubot"
  ;;           "34, rue Desbordes Valmore"
  ;;           "75016 Paris"
  ;;           "France")
  ;; (:phone "+33 145 049 621")

  (:mail "pjb@informatimago.com")
  (:web "www.informatimago.com"))

 ;; ------------------------------------------------------------

  (:levels (0 "2ⁿ") (1 "n²") (2 "n") (3 "log n"))

  (:computer-science        (:data-structures                 2)
                            (:algorithms                      2)
                            (:system-programming              3))

  (:software-engineering    (:source-code-version-control     3)
                            (:build-automation                3)
                            (:automated-testing               2))

  (:programming             (:problem-decomposition           3)
                            (:systems-decomposition           3)
                            (:communication                   3)
                            (:code-organization-within-a-file 3)
                            (:code-organization-across-files  3)
                            (:source-tree-organization        3)
                            (:code-readability                3)
                            (:defensive-coding                3)
                            (:error-handling                  3)
                            (:IDE                             3)
                            (:API                             3)
                            (:frameworks                      3)
                            (:requirements                    3)
                            (:scripting                       3)
                            (:database                        2)))


  (:levels (0 "2ⁿ") (1 "n²") (2 "n") (3 "log n"))



    (0 "Doesn't know the difference between Array and LinkedList." )

    (1 "Able to explain and use Arrays, LinkedLists, Dictionaries,
    etc, in practical programming tasks.")

    (2 "Knows space and time tradeoffs of the basic data structures,
    Arrays vs LinkedLists, Able to explain how hashtables can be
    implemented and can handle collisions, Priority queues and ways to
    implement them etc.")

    (3 "Knowledge of advanced data structures like B-trees, binomial
    and fibonacci heaps, AVL/Red Black trees, Splay Trees, Skip Lists,
    tries etc."))


    (0 "Unable to find the average of numbers in an array (It's hard
    to believe but I've interviewed such candidates).")

    (1 "Basic sorting, searching and data structure traversal and
    retrieval algorithms.")

    (2 "Tree, Graph, simple greedy and divide and conquer algorithms,
    is able to understand the relevance of the levels of this

    (3 "Able to recognize and code dynamic programming solutions, good
    knowledge of graph algorithms, good knowledge of numerical
    computation algorithms, able to identify NP problems etc."))


    (0 "Doesn't know what a compiler, linker or interpreter is.")

    (1 "Basic understanding of compilers, linker and
    interpreters. Understands what assembly code is and how things
    work at the hardware level.  Some knowledge of virtual memory and

    (2 "Understands kernel mode vs. user mode, multi-threading,
    synchronization primitives and how they're implemented, able to
    read assembly code.  Understands how networks work, understanding
    of network protocols and socket level programming.")

    (3 "Understands the entire programming stack, hardware (CPU +
    Memory + Cache + Interrupts + microcode), binary code, assembly,
    static and dynamic linking, compilation, interpretation, JIT
    compilation, garbage collection, heap, stack, memory



    (0 "Folder backups by date.")

    (1 "VSS and beginning CVS/SVN user.")

    (2 "Proficient in using CVS and SVN features. Knows how to branch
    and merge, use patches setup repository properties etc.")

    (3 "Knowledge of distributed VCS systems. Has tried out Bzr/Mercurial/Darcs/Git."))


    (0 "Only knows how to build from IDE.")

    (1 "Knows how to build the system from the command line.")

    (2 "Can setup a script to build the basic system.")

    (3 "Can setup a script to build the system and also documentation,
    installers, generate release notes and tag the code in source


    (0 "Thinks that all testing is the job of the tester.")

    (1 "Has written automated unit tests and comes up with good unit
    test cases for the code that is being written.")

    (2 "Has written code in TDD manner.")

    (3 "Understands and is able to setup automated functional,
    load/performance and UI tests."))



     (0 "Only straight line code with copy paste for reuse")

     (1 "Able to break up problem into multiple functions")

     (2 "Able to come up with reusable functions/objects that solve
     the overall problem")

     (3 "Use of appropriate data structures and algorithms and comes
     up with generic/object-oriented code that encapsulate aspects of
     the problem that are subject to change."))


     (0 "Not able to think above the level of a single file/class")

     (1 "Able to break up problem space and design solution as long as
     it is within the same platform/technology")

     (2 "Able to design systems that span multiple technologies/platforms.")

     (3 "Able to visualize and design complex systems with multiple
     product lines and integrations with external systems. Also should
     be able to design operations support systems like monitoring,
     reporting, fail overs etc."))


     (0 "Cannot express thoughts/ideas to peers. Poor spelling and grammar.")

     (1 "Peers can understand what is being said. Good spelling and grammar.")

     (2 "Is able to effectively communicate with peers")

     (3 "Able to understand and communicate
     thoughts/design/ideas/specs in a unambiguous manner and adjusts
     communication as per the context"))


     (0 "no evidence of organization within a file")

     (1 "Methods are grouped logically or by accessibility")

     (2 "Code is grouped into regions and well commented with references
 to other source files")

     (3 "File has license header, summary, well commented, consistent
 white space usage. The file should look beautiful."))


     (0 "No thought given to organizing code across files")

     (1 "Related files are grouped into a folder")

     (2 "Each physical file has a unique purpose, for e.g. one class
     definition, one feature implementation etc.")

     (3 "Code organization at a physical level closely matches design
     and looking at file names and folder distribution provides
     insights into design"))


     (0 "Everything in one folder")

     (1 "Basic separation of code into logical folders.")

     (2 "No circular dependencies, binaries, libs, docs, builds,
     third-party code all organized into appropriate folders.")

     (3 "Physical layout of source tree matches logical hierarchy and
     organization. The directory names and organization provide
     insights into the design of the system."))


     (0 "Mono-syllable names")

     (1 "Good names for files, variables classes, methods etc.")

     (2 "No long functions, comments explaining unusual code, bug
     fixes, code assumptions")

     (3 "Code assumptions are verified using asserts, code flows
     naturally - no deep nesting of conditionals or methods"))


        (0 "Doesn't understand the concept.")

        (1 "Checks all arguments and asserts critical assumptions in code.")

      (2 "Makes sure to check return values and check for exceptions around code that can fail.")

      (3 "Has his own library to help with defensive coding, writes unit tests that simulate faults."))


     (0 "Only codes the happy case")

     (1 "Basic error handling around code that can throw
     exceptions/generate errors")

     (2 "Ensures that error/exceptions leave program in good state,
     resources, connections and memory is all cleaned up properly")

     (3 "Codes to detect possible exception before, maintain
     consistent exception handling strategy in all layers of code,
     come up with guidelines on exception handling for entire


     (0 "Mostly uses IDE for text editing")

     (1 "Knows their way around the interface, able to effectively use the IDE using menus.")

     (2 "Knows keyboard shortcuts for most used operations.")

     (3 "Has written custom macros"))


     (0 "Needs to look up the documentation frequently.")

     (1 "Has the most frequently used APIs in memory.")

     (2 "Vast and In-depth knowledge of the API.")

     (3 "Has written libraries that sit on top of the API to simplify
     frequently used tasks and to fill in gaps in the API."))


     (0 "Has not used any framework outside of the core platform.")

     (1 "Has heard about but not used the popular frameworks available
     for the platform.")

     (2 "Has used  more than one framework in  a professional capacity
     and is well-versed with the idioms of the frameworks.")

     (3 "Author of framework."))


     (0 "Takes the given requirements and codes to spec.")

     (1 "Come up with questions regarding missed cases in the spec.")

     (2 "Understand complete picture and come up with entire areas
     that need to be speced.")

     (3 "Able to suggest better alternatives and flows to given
     requirements based on experience."))


     (0 "No knowledge of scripting tools")

     (1 "Batch files/shell scripts")

     (2 "Perl/Python/Ruby/VBScript/Powershell")

     (3 "Has written and published reusable code"))


     (0 "Thinks that Excel is a database")

     (1 "Knows basic database concepts, normalization, ACID,
     transactions and can write simple selects")

     (2 "Able to design good and normalized database schemas keeping
     in mind the queries that'll have to be run, proficient in use of
     views, stored procedures, triggers and user defined types. Knows
     difference between clustered and non-clustered
     indexes. Proficient in use of ORM tools.")

     (3 "Can do basic database administration, performance
     optimization, index optimization, write advanced select queries,
     able to replace cursor usage with relational sql, understands how
     data is stored internally, understands how indexes are stored
     internally, understands how databases can be mirrored, replicated
     etc. Understands how the two phase commit works.")))))
 ;; ------------------------------------------------------------


   (:tags common-lisp development)
   (:en "Common Lisp Application Development"
        "and Web application development. ")
   (:fr "Développement d'applications en Common Lisp "
        "et applications Web. ")
   (:es "Desarrollo de aplicaciones Common Lisp "
        "y aplicaciones Web. "))

   (:tags openstep development)
   (:en "MacOSX, iOS and Android Application Development.")
   (:fr "Développement d'applications MacOSX, iOS et Android.")
   (:es "Desarrollo de aplicaciones MacOSX, iOS y Android."))

   (:tags openstep development)
   (:en "OpenStep (MacOSX or GNUstep) and WebObject (GNUstepWeb) "
        "Application Development")
   (:fr "Développement d'applications OpenStep (MacOSX ou GNUstep) "
        "et WebObject (GNUstepWeb)")
   (:es "Desarrollo de aplicaciones OpenStep (MacOSX o GNUstep) "
        "y WebObject (GNUstepWeb). "))

   (:tags unix development)
   (:en "UNIX System and Application Development. ")
   (:fr "Développement d'applications et développement système UNIX. ")
   (:es "Desarrollo de aplicaciones y sistema UNIX. "))

   (:tags unix administration)
   (:en "Internet UNIX Server Administration. ")
   (:fr "Administration de serveurs Internet UNIX. ")
   (:es "Administración de servidores Internet UNIX. "))

   (:tags linux administration)
   (:en "Internet Linux Server Administration. ")
   (:fr "Administration de serveurs Internet Linux. ")
   (:es "Administración de servidores Internet Linux. ")))

 ;; ------------------------------------------------------------


   (:tags c)
   (:text (:en "Programming Languages: ")
          (:fr "Langages de programmation : ")
          (:es "Lenguajes de programación : "))
    "Common Lisp"

   (:tags lisp)
   (:text (:en "Programming Languages: ")
          (:fr "Langages de programmation : ")
          (:es "Lenguajes de programación : "))
    "Common Lisp" "emacs-lisp" "scheme"
    "Swift" "Objective-C" "C" "C++" "Java"
    "Javascript" "Smalltalk"
    "Modula-3" "Modula-2" "Pascal"))

   (:tags openstep unix development administration)
   (:text (:en "Operating systems: ")
          (:fr "Systèmes d'exploitation : ")
          (:es "Sistemas operativos : "))
    "UNIX: Linux, MacOSX, iOS, Android."
    (:text (:en "System programming and applications;")
           (:fr "Programmation système et applications; ")
           (:es "Programación sistema y applicaciones; "))
    (:text (:en "Unix system administration. ")
           (:fr "Administration de systèmes Unix. ")
           (:es "Administración de sistemas Unix. "))))

   (:tags development)
   (:text (:en "Development environment: ")
          (:fr "Environnement de développement : ")
          (:es "Entornos de desarrollo : "))
    (:text (:en "UNIX, GNU/Linux: emacs, "
                "Standard UNIX and GNU development tools, "
                "GNUstep development tools (Gorm). ")
           (:fr "UNIX, GNU/Linux: emacs, "
                "Outils de développement standard UNIX et GNU, "
                "GNUstep (Gorm). ")
           (:es "UNIX, GNU/Linux: emacs, "
                "Herramientas de desarrolo UNIX y GNU, "
                "GNUstep (Gorm). "))
    (:text (:en "MacOSX: Xcode, Interface Builder.")
           (:fr "MacOSX: Xcode, Interface Builder.")
           (:es "MacOSX: Xcode, Interface Builder."))
    (:text (:en "Android: SDK, NDK, ant, Eclipse, AndroidStudio.")
           (:fr "Android: SDK, NDK, ant, Eclipse, AndroidStudio.")
           (:es "Android: SDK, NDK, ant, Eclipse, AndroidStudio."))
    #-(and) (:text (:en "MacOS: CodeWarrior, MPW. "))))

   (:tags development administration)
   (:text (:en "Databases: ")
          (:fr "Bases de données : ")
          (:es "Bases de datos : "))
   (:flow "SQL" "PostgreSQL" "MySQL" "OpenTSDB/HBASE" "Oracle" "Sybase"))

   (:tags network development administration)
   (:text (:en "Internet:") (:fr "Internet :") (:es "Internet :"))
    "HTTP" "HTML" "CGI" "CSS"
    "routers" "DDWRT/OpenWRT" "cisco ios" "... "))

   (:flow "Android" "Apache" "C" "C++" "Common Lisp"
          "Computer Science" "DICOM" "DNS" "HTML" "HTTP" "Java" "Java"
          "JavaScript" "Linux" "Lisp" "Mac OS X" "Mantis" "MantisBT"
          "Meta-programming" "MySQL" "OOP" "Objective-C" "Oracle" "PHP"
          "Postfix" "PostgreSQL" "Programming" "Python" "Ruby" "SMTP"
          "SQLite" "Scheme" "Scrum" "Shell Scripting" "Smalltalk"
          "Software Design" "Software Development" "Software Engineering"
          "Subversion" "Telnet" "UML" "Unix" "XML" "compilation"
          "dcm4chee" "emacs lisp" "iOS" "named" "protocole telnet"))

   (:tags compilation)
   (:text (:en "Compilers;  "
               "Operating Systems;  "
               "Object-Oriented Development. ")
          (:fr "Compilateurs;  "
               "Systèmes d'exploitation;  "
               "Développement orienté-objet. ")
          (:es "Desarrollo de compiladores; "
               "Desarrollo Orientado a Objetos; "
               "Sistemas Operativos. ")))

   (:tags methodologies)
   (:text (:en "Methodologies: ")
          (:fr "Méthodologies : ")
          (:es "Metodologias : "))
   (:flow "UML"  "OMT" "Booch"))

   (:tags casetools)
   (:text (:en "CASE Tools: ")
          (:fr "Ateliers de génie logiciel : ")
          (:es "Herramientas CASE : "))
    (:text (:en "Modelio, Objecteering UML (from Softeam SA); ")
           (:fr "Modelio, Objecteering UML (de Softeam SA); ")
           (:es "Modelio, Objecteering UML (de Softeam SA); "))
    (:text (:en "Argo UML. ")
           (:fr "Argo UML. ")
           (:es "Argo UML. "))
    (:text (:en "ObjectTeam (from Cayenne Inc.); ")
           (:fr "ObjectTeam (de Cayenne Inc.); ")
           (:es "ObjectTeam (de Cayenne Inc.); "))
    (:text (:en "OMTool (from Martin Marietta, Inc.). ")
           (:fr "OMTool (de Martin Marietta, Inc.). ")
           (:es "OMTool (de Martin Marietta, Inc.). ")))))

 ;; ------------------------------------------------------------

 ;;       WI SP SU AU
 ;; 2009  -anevia-
 ;; 2010  -medicalis-
 ;; 2011
 ;; 2012     ab   dxo
 ;; 2013  -dxo- ubudu
 ;; 2014  ubudu ab
 ;; 2015  ab it.afe

  (:tags ios android linux development)
  (:date (2017 5) (:text (:en "January 2016 - May 2017")
                         (:fr "Janvier 2016 - Mai 2017")
                         (:es "Enero 2016 - Mayo 2017")))
  (:client "Trustonic, Ltd")

  (:title (:text (:en "iOS Consultant: port of the TAB WB SDK and its build system, from Android to iOS.")
                 (:fr "Consultant iOS : portage du SDK TAP WB et du système de développement, de Android à iOS.")
                 (:es "Consultor iOS : portage del SDK TAB WB y de su sistema de compilación y prueba, de Android a iOS.")))


     (:en "Improvements on the Android TrustChat application.")
     (:fr "Amélioration de l'application TrustChat Android.")
     (:es "Mejore la aplicación TrustChat para Android"))

     (:en "Port of the Android TrustChat application to iOS (short deadline, demo at MWC2016).")
     (:fr "Portage de l'application TrustChat Android vers iOS (délai cours, démonstration au MWC2016).")
     (:es "Portage de la aplicación TrustChat hacia iOS (tiempo corto, demostración en MWC2016)."))

     (:en "Development of an iOS demonstration application for the Ubudu SDK geofencing features.")
     (:fr "Développement d'une application iOS de démonstration des fonctionalités de géofencing du SDK Ubudu.")
     (:en "Desarrollo de una aplicación iOS de demostración de las funcionalidades de geofencing del SDK Ubudu."))

     (:en "Adaptation of the compilation system for the Trustonic TAP WB SDK and port of the SDK from Android to iOS.")
     (:fr "Adaptation du système de compilation du SDK Trustonic TAP WB et portage du SDK de Android à iOS.")
     (:en "Adaptación del sistema de compilación Trustonic TAP WB SDK y portage del SDK de Android a iOS."))

     (:en "Participated in the finalization of the first customer distributions of the TAP WB iOS SDK (short deadline).")
     (:fr "Participé à la finalisation des premières distributions clients du SDK TAP WB iOS (délai contraints).")
     (:en "Participé en la finalización de las primeras distribuciones clientes del SDK TAP WB iOS (tiempo corto)."))

     (:en "Adaptation of the test system from Android to iOS, development of an iOS application embedding the tests, and integration with the existing CI system.")
     (:fr "Adaptation du système de tests de Android à iOS, développement d'une application iOS embarquant les tests, et intégration au système CI existant.")
     (:en "Adaptación del sistema de prueba de Android a iOS, desarrollo de una aplicación iOS que integra las pruebas e integración con el systema CI existente.")))

   (:link "http://www.trustonic.com/" "Trustonic Ltd.")

   (:skills "Android" "Java" "AndroidStudio" "XMPP"
            "iOS" "Objective-C" "Xcode" "Interface Builder"
            "Ruby" "Git" "Agile" "maven" "GNU make" "bash" "python" "Xcodeproj"
            "Jenkins" "ios-deploy"
            "Jira" "Crucible" "Confluence" "LiquidPlanner")))

  (:tags common-lisp development)
  (:date (2015 7) (:text (:en "Summer 2015")
                         (:fr "Été 2015")
                         (:es "Verano 2015")))
  (:client "AF Engineering")
  (:title (:text (:en "Specifications and development of an Order Processing System, with Web Application; to be deployed to take orders for take-away pizzas.")
                 (:fr "Spécificiation et développement d'un Système de Traitement des Commandes, avec interface Web, pour commander des pizzas à emporter.")
                 (:es "Escritura de las especificaciones y desarrollo de un Sistema de Tratamiento de Pedidos, con aplicación web, para pedir pizzas para llevar.")))
   (:link "http://www.af-engineering.it/" "AF Engineering")
   (:skills "Common Lisp" "HTML" "JavaScript" "PostgreSQL")))

  (:tags ios android router development)
  (:date (2014 3) (:text (:en "June 2013 - March 2014")
                         (:fr "Juin 2013 - Mars 2014")
                         (:es "Junio 2013 - Marzo 2014")))
  (:client "Ubudu, SAS")
  (:title (:text (:en "Development of Ubudu SDK and products.")
                 (:fr "Développement des produits et SDK Ubudu.")
                 (:es "Desarrollo de los productos y SDK Ubudu.")))


     (:en "Implementation of the bwin poker live application on iOS
and Android (development in team, over very short time).")
     (:fr "Implémentation de l'application bwin poker live sur iOS et
sur Android (développement réalisé en équipe sur un délai trés court).")
     (:es "Desarrollo de la aplicación bwin poker live en iOS y
Android (realizado en equipo en tiempo muy corto)."))

     (:en "Implementation and debugging of the Android Ubudu Application;
editing specifications and tickets for the remote developers;
responsible of releases from version 2.0 to 2.4 (debugging, validation, build of release).")
     (:fr "Implémentation et déboguage de l'application Ubudu sur Android;
édition des spécifications et de tickets pour les développeurs en télétravail;
responsable des distributions des version 2.0 à 2.4 (déboguage, validation, génération de la distribution).")
     (:es "Implementación y depuración de la aplicación Ubudu para Android;
escritura de las especificaciones y definición de las tajeas para los teletrabajadores;
responsable de las distribuciones 2.0 a 2.4 (depuración, validación, y generación)."))

     (:en "Developped a visit counter based on identifying the WIFI MAC
addresses of smartphones approaching a DDWRT router (wiviz), and
forwarding the data to an OpenTSDB/HBase database for exploitation.
Developed a small Ruby On Rails application to display the data from
the time series on a dynamic dashboard, with counters, histogram by
distance and by duration of visit.")
     (:fr "Dévelopment d'un système de comptage de visites, basé sur
l'identification des adresses WIFI MAC des téléphones intelligents
approchant un routeur DDWRT (utilisant wiviz), transmettant les
données vers une base de donnée OpenTSDB/HBase pour exploitation.
Dévelopement d'une petite application Ruby On Rails pour afficher les
données des séries temporelles sur un tableau de bord dynamique, avec
compteurs, histogrammes par distance, et par durée de visite.")
     (:es "Desarrollo de un sistema de contado de visitas, basado en
identificar las direcciones WIFI MAC de los móviles
acercandose a un enrutador DDWRT (usando wiviz), y transmitir los
datos a una base de datos OpenTSDB/HBase con fines de explotación.
Desarrollo de una pequeña aplicación Ruby on Rails para visualizar
las series temporales de datos en un tablero de instrumentos con
contadores, histogramas por distancia, y por duración de la visita."))

     (:en "Development of an iOS SDK and demonstration application using an
ultrasound watermarking library to detect digital codes in the
ultrasound band, and initiate a commercial action (sending a
notification to the smartphone user, opening a web page with a
commercial offer).")
     (:fr "Développement d'un SDK iOS et d'une application démonstration
utilisant une bibliothèque de tatouage numérique ultrason, pour
détecter des codes numériques dans les ultrasons captés sur le
microphone, et lancer une action commerciale (envoi d'une
notification à l'utilisateur du téléphone, ouverture d'une page web
sur l'annonce commerciale).")
     (:es "Desarrollo de un SDK iOS y una aplicación de demostración
usando una biblioteca de marca de agua de ultrasonido, para
detección de códigos digitales en el ultrasonido recogido por el
micrófono, y lanzar una campaña de marketing (envíar de una
notificación al usuario del teléfono, abrir una página web
con el anuncio comercial)."))

     (:en "Development of an iOS demonstration application for the Ubudu SDK geofencing features.")
     (:fr "Développement d'une application iOS de démonstration des fonctionalités de géofencing du SDK Ubudu.")
     (:en "Desarrollo de una aplicación iOS de demostración de las funcionalidades de geofencing del SDK Ubudu."))

     (:en "Wrote specifications of a SDK for iOS and Android
integrating the functionalities of geofencing, iBeacon detection and
detection of ultrasound watermarks, to launch commercial actions
\(notifications to the user, opening a web page or Passbook (on iOS) or
Samsung Wallet (Android).  Helped teleworkers implementing it.")
     (:fr "Écriture des spécifications d'un SDK pour iOS et Android
intégrant les fonctionalités de geofencing, détection iBeacon et
détection des tatouages numériques par ultrason, afin de lancer des
actions commerciales (notifications à l'utilisateur, ouverture d'une
page web ou Passbook (sur iOS) ou Samsung Wallet (sur Android).
Suivi de l'implémentation par des développeurs en télétravail.")
     (:es "Escritura de especificaciones de un SDK para iOS y Android
integrando las funcionalidades de geofencing, detección de iBeacon
y detección de marcas de agua por ultrasonidos, para lanzar
acciones comerciales (notificaciones para el usuario, apertura de una
página web o Passbook (en iOS) o Samsung Wallet (en Android).
Seguido del desarrollo por teletrabajadores."))

     (:en "Implementation of the Android SDK previously specified
integrating the functionalities of geofencing, iBeacon detection and
detection of ultrasound watermarks, to launch commercial actions
\(notifications to the user, opening a web page or Passbook (on iOS) or
Samsung Wallet (Android).  Helped teleworkers implementing it.")
     (:fr "Écriture des spécifications d'un SDK pour iOS et Android
intégrant les fonctionalités de geofencing, détection iBeacon et
détection des tatouages numériques par ultrason, afin de lancer des
actions commerciales (notifications à l'utilisateur, ouverture d'une
page web ou Passbook (sur iOS) ou Samsung Wallet (sur Android).
Suivi de l'implémentation par des développeurs en télétravail.")
     (:es "Escritura de especificaciones de un SDK para iOS y Android
integrando las funcionalidades de geofencing, detección de iBeacon
y detección de marcas de agua por ultrasonidos, para lanzar
acciones comerciales (notificaciones para el usuario, apertura de una
página web o Passbook (en iOS) o Samsung Wallet (en Android).
Seguido del desarrollo por teletrabajadores."))

   (:link "http://pro.ubudu.com/" "Ubudu Pro")
   (:link "http://www.ubudu.fr/" "Ubudu")
   (:link "http://www.appannie.com/apps/ios/app/bwin-poker-live/")
   (:link "http://www.appannie.com/apps/google-play/app/com.ubudu.mobile/")
   ;; (:link "http://www.appannie.com/apps/google-play/app/com.bwin.pokerlive/")
   (:skills "Android" "Java" "Eclipse"
            "iOS" "Objective-C" "Xcode" "Interface Builder"
            "GUI" "Router" "Wifi" "Ultrasound" "iBeacon" "Bluetooth LTE" "Geofencing"
            "Ruby"  "Git" "Github" "Agile")))

  (:tags macosx development)
  (:date (2012 10) (:text (:en "October 2012 - May 2013")
                          (:fr "Octobre 2012 - Mai 2013")
                          (:es "Octubre 2012 - Mayo 2013")))
  (:client "DxO Labs, SA")
  (:title (:text (:en "Evolution of the user interface of DxO Optics Pro Mac.")
                 (:fr "Amélioration de l'interface utilisateur de DxO Optics Pro Mac.")
                 (:es "Mejorada del interfaz usuario de DxO Optics Pro Mac.")))
    (:en "Maintaining and new features of the MacOSX Application DxO Optics Pro,
from version 8.0 to 8.5. Work in Agile/Scrum team, with both local and remote members.")
    (:fr "Maintenance et nouvelles fonctions de l'application MacOSX  DxO Optics Pro,
de la version 8.0 à 8.5.
Méthode de gestion de projet Agile/Scrum avec développeurs locaux et en télétravail.")
    (:es "Mantenimiento y desarrollo de nuevas funcionalidades en la aplicación MacOSX DxO Optics Pro,
de la version 8.0 a 8.5.
Metodo de gestión de proyecto Agile/Scrum, con desarrolladores locales y en teletrabajo."))
   (:link "http://www.dxo.com/" "DxO Optics Pro")
   (:skills "MacOSX" "Objective-C" "GUI"
            "Ruby" "Cucumber" "Gherkin" "Python" "Subversion" "Mercurial"
            "Agile" "Scrum" "Jira" "Crucible" "Confluence" "Bamboo")))

  (:tags common-lisp development)
  (:date (2012 6) (:text (:en "Summer 2012")
                         (:fr "Été 2012")
                         (:es "Verano 2012")))
  (:client "Alexis Bosch")
  (:title (:text (:en "Port of the music application Patchwork from MacOS to MacOSX")
                 (:fr "Portage de l'application musicale Patchwork de MacOS à MacOSX")
                 (:es "Traslado de la aplicación de música Patchwork de MacOS a MacOSX")))
   (:text (:en "Port of the music application Patchwork from MacOS to MacOSX.")
          (:fr "Portage de l'application musicale Patchwork de MacOS à MacOSX.")
          (:es "Traslado de la aplicación de música Patchwork de MacOS a MacOSX."))
   (:link "http://fossil.informatimago.com:8002/patchwork/home" "Patchwork Repository")
   (:skills "MacOS" "MacOSX" "Common Lisp" "Midi" "GUI")))

  (:tags common-lisp development compiler)
  (:date (2011 12) (:text (:en "Winter 2012 - Spring 2012")
                          (:fr "Hiver 2012 - Printemps 2012")
                          (:es "Inverno 2012 - Primavera 2012")))
  (:client "Ogamita")

  (:title (:text (:en "Nasium L.S.E. - Implementation of the L.S.E. programming language.")
                 (:fr "Nasium L.S.E. - Implémentation du langage de programmation L.S.E.")
                 (:es "Nasium L.S.E. - Implementación del lenguaje de programación L.S.E.")))

   (:text (:en "
Developed a L.S.E system (Langage Symbolique d'Enseignement, a French
programming language for schools).  Implemented a byte-code compiler
and a virtual machine.  The system can be used remotely thru telnet
\(or ssh), or locally, as a command-line-interface program or to write
unix scripts.
          (:fr "
Dévelopement d'un système L.S.E., Langage Symbolique d'Enseigment,
reproduisant celui de Mitra-15 ou T-1600 des années 1970.
Implémentation d'un compilateur byte-code avec machine virtuelle.  Le
système peut être utilisé à distance via telnet (ou ssh), ou
localement, comme programme en ligne de commande ou pour l'écriture de
scripts unix.
          (:es "
Desarrollo de un sistema L.S.E. (Langage Symbolique d'Enseignement, un
lenguaje de programación francés por los colegios).  Implementado un
compilador de byte-code, y una maquina virtual.  El sistema se puede
usar a distancia con telnet (o ssh), o localmente como un comando de o
para escribir escripts unix.

   (:link "http://nasium-lse.ogamita.com/" "Ogamita")
   (:skills "Common Lisp" "Linux" "MacOSX" "MS-Windows" "compilation" "telnet protocol")))

  (:tags common-lisp development)
  (:date (2010 6) (:text (:en "Summer 2010 - Autumn 2010")
                         (:fr "Été 2010 - Automne 2010")
                         (:es "Verano 2010 - Otoño 2010")))
  (:client "Medicalis, SL")

  (:title (:text (:en "MDI, Embedded real-time data collection device")
                 (:fr "MDI, système embarqué de collection de données en temps réel")
                 (:es "MDI, dispositivo de recogida de datos en tiempo real")))

   (:text (:en "
Developed a  system to collect real-time data from various
sources (medical devices), normalize them (in format and time), and
forward them to processing or storing systems, ensuring that no data
is lost in case of communication problem.
Gathered the specifications. Analysed the system architecture.
Developped some modules (including the lower level
communication protocol module). Taught Common Lisp to co-worker.
          (:fr "
Dévelopement d'un système collectant des données en temps-réel
provenant de sources diverses (eg. d'apareils médicaux), les
normalisant (en format et en temps), et les faisant suivre à des
unités de stockage ou de traitement, en s'assurant qu'aucune donnée ne
soit perdue en cas de problème de communication.  Définition des
spécifications.  Analyse de l'architecture du système.  Dévelopement
de quelques modules (y inclu le module implémentant le protocole de
communication de bas niveau).  Enseignement de Common Lisp au
          (:es "
Desarrollo de un sistema para colectar datos en tiempo real, desde
varias fuentes \(eg. aparatos medicos), normalizar esos datos (formato
y tiempo), y transmitarlos a las unidades de procesamiento o
almacenamiento, ensurando que no dato sea perdido en caso de problema
de comunicación.
Colecta de las especificationes, analisis de la architectura del
sistema, escritura de algunos modulos (incluso el modulo de bajo nivel
de protocolo de comunicación).  Enseñé Common Lisp a un compañero de
   (:link "http://www.medicalis.es/" "Medicalis, S.L. ")
   (:skills "Common Lisp" "Linux" "postgresql")))

  (:tags common-lisp development)
  (:date (2010 3) (:text (:en "Spring 2010")
                         (:fr "Printemps 2010")
                         (:es "Primavera 2010")))
  (:client "Medicalis, SL")

  (:title (:text (:en "Incident Tracker, Web Application")
                 (:fr "Application web de suivit d'incidents")
                 (:es "Aplicación web de seguimiento de incidencias")))

   (:text (:en "
Development of an incident tracker for Alliance Medical Diagnósticos.
The web application allows hospitals to manage rendez-vous with
patients for the mobil diagnostic units, and separately, to manage
mobil units incidents.  Gathered specifications, analysed and
programmed the new features in PHP (some generated from Common Lisp
code) and modification of the pre-existing MantisBT bug tracker.
Development of an incident importation module written in Common Lisp.
          (:fr "
Dévelopement d'une application web de suivi d'incident pour Alliance
Medical Diagnósticos.  L'application permet aux hopitaux clients de
gérer les rendez-vous avec les patients et les unités de diagnostique
mobiles, et séparément, de gérer les incidents sur les unités mobiles.
Définition des spécifications, analyse et programmation des nouvelles
fonctions en PHP \(quelques parties générés à partir d'un script
Common Lisp), et modification du code du gestionaires de bogues
MantisBT préexistant.  Écriture d'un module d'importation des
incidents en Common Lisp.
          (:es "

Desarrollo de una aplicación web de seguimento de incidencias para
Alliance Medical Diagnósticos.  La aplicación permite a los hospitales
clientes gestionar las citas con los pacientes y las unidades moviles
de diagnostico, y de gestionar las incidencias sobre las unidades
moviles.  Colecta de las especificationes, análisis y programación de
las nuevas funcionalidades en PHP \(algunas partes generadas con un
escript Common Lisp), y modificación del código del programa
pre-existante de gestión de bug MantisBT.  Escritura de un modulo de
importación de incidencias, en Common Lisp.
   (:link "http://www.medicalis.es/" "Medicalis, S.L. ")
   (:link "http://www.alliancemedical.es/" "Alliance Medical Diagnósticos, S.L. ")
   (:skills "PHP" "Common Lisp" "MantisBT" "mysql")))

  (:tags common-lisp development)
  (:date (2009 3) (:text (:en "Spring 2009")
                         (:fr "Printemps 2009")
                         (:es "Primavera 2009")))
  (:client "Medicalis, SL")
  (:title (:text (:en "Amigo, MacOSX Application")
                 (:fr "Application MacOSX Amigo")
                 (:es "Aplicación MacOSX Amigo")))
   (:text (:en "Development of new features in the Amigo application (interface between OsiriX and RIS databases). ")
          (:fr "Développement de nouvelles fonctions sur l'application Amigo (interface entre OsiriX et une base de donnée RIS). ")
          (:es "Desarrollo de nuevas funcionalidades en la applicación Amigo (interfaz entre OsiriX y una base de datos RIS). "))
   (:link "http://www.medicalis.es/" "Medicalis, S.L. ")
   (:skills "Objective-C" "OsiriX" "DICOM" "dcm4chee" "postgresql" "MacOSX"

  (:tags common-lisp c++ ruby linux development uml objecteering)
  (:date (2007 9)  (:text (:en "Autumn 2007 - Autumn 2009")
                          (:fr "Automne 2007 - Automne 2009")
                          (:es "Otoño 2007 - Otoño 2009")))
  (:client "Anevia SAS")
  (:title (:text (:en "Research & Development Software Engineer")
                 (:fr "Ingénieur Recherche & Développement")
                 (:es "Ingeniero Investigación & Desarrollo")))
   ((:text (:fr "Maintenance et développement de nouvelles fonctionnalité sur le serveur RTSP 'ViaManager' dont : "
                "implémentation d'un interface de configuration (IPC) ; "
                "implémentation de la redondance des serveurs IPTV Live. "
                "Écriture d'outils de génération de code C++ (Common-Lisp, Ruby). "
                "Écriture d'outils d'analyse du modèle UML, graphe des dépendences, statistiques, etc (Common-Lisp). "
                "Écriture de tests (scripts Common Lisp, Ruby). "
                "Écriture de macros Objecteering (scripts J). "
                "Développement d'un outil de mise à jour d'une base de donnée (sqlite, unixODBC) à partir de messages XML. ")

           (:es "Mantenimiento y desarrollo de nuevas funciones en el servidor RTSP 'ViaManager' incluyendo : "
                "implementación de un interfaz de configuración (IPC) ; "
                "implementación de la redundancia de los servidores IPTV Live. "
                "Escribí macros Objecteering (scripts J). "
                "Escribí tests (scripts Ruby). "
                "Escribí herramientas de generación de codigo C++ (Common Lisp, Ruby). "
                "Desarrollo de una herramienta para poner al dia una base de datos (sqlite, unixODBC) con mensajes XML. ")

           (:en "Maintenance and implementation of new features on the 'ViaManager' RTSP server including: "
                "integration of a configuration interface (IPC); "
                "implementation of redundancy of the Live IPTV servers. "
                "Wrote Objecteering macros (scripts J). "
                "Wrote regression tests (scripts Ruby). "
                "Wrote C++ code generation tools (Common Lisp, Ruby). "
                "Developed a tool to update a database (sqlite, unixODBC) from XML messages. ")))
   (:link "http://www.anevia.com/" "Anevia SAS")
   (:skills "Common Lisp" "Ruby" "Objecteering"  "Objecteering J" "UML"  "C++" "Linux" "XML" "sqlite" "unixODBC" "PostgreSQL")))

  (:tags common-lisp development)
  (:date (2007 3) (:text (:en "Spring 2007")
                         (:fr "Printemps 2007")
                         (:es "Primavera 2007")))
  (:client "RavenPack Internationnal, SL")
  (:title (:text (:en "Common Lisp WebApp Generator")
                 (:fr "Générateur d'application Web")
                 (:es "Generador de aplicaciones Web")))
   (:text (:en "Development of a web application generator. ")
          (:fr "Développement d'un generateur d'applications web. ")
          (:es "Desarrollo de un generator de aplicaciones web. "))
   (:link "http://www.ravenpack.es/" "RavenPack Internationnal, S.L. ")
   (:skills "Common Lisp" "AllegroServe" "AllegroCache" "Oracle"
            "JavaScript" "DojoToolkit")))

  (:tags common-lisp development)
  (:date 2006 "2006")
   (:text (:en "Development of various web application. ")
          (:fr "Développement de diverses applications web. ")
          (:es "Desarrollo de diversas aplicaciones web. "))
   (:skills "Common Lisp""PortableAllegroServe")))

  (:tags common-lisp development)
  (:date 2005 "2005")
  (:client "Intergruas 2000, SL")
  (:title (:text (:en "Common Lisp Address Collecting Web Agent")
                 (:fr "Agent Web de collection d'adresses postales")
                 (:es "Agente web para recogida de direcciones postales")))
   ((:text (:en "Development of a web agent to collect "
                "addresses from web phone directories, ")
           (:fr "Développement d'un agent web collectant des adresses "
                "postales de répertoires téléphoniques sur le web. ")
           (:es "Desarrollo de un agente web para colectar "
                "direcciones de las páginas amarillas. "))
    (:link "http://www.intergruas.com/" "Intergruas 2000 S.L. ")
    (:skills "Common Lisp""HTTP""HTML parsing""pattern matching "

  (:tags unix openstep administration)
  (:date 2007 "2000 - 2007")
  (:client "Intergruas 2000, SL")
  (:title (:text (:en "Unix Administrator")
                 (:fr "Administrateur Unix")
                 (:es "Administrador Unix")))
   ((:text (:en "Installation and administration of a web and email "
                "server, and small MacOSX LAN with 1st level "
                "phone support to the users. ")
           (:fr "Installation et administration d'un serveur "
                "web et email, et d'un réseau local MacOSX, "
                "avec support téléphonique 1e niveau aux utilisateurs. ")
           (:es "Instalación y administración de servidor "
                "web y mensajeria, y red local MacOSX, "
                "con Soporte telefonico de nivel 1 a los usuarios. "))
    (:text (:en "Teaching web site design with HTML and CSS2. ")
           (:fr "Formation à la création de site web avec HTML et CSS2. ")
           (:es "Formación para crear sitios web con HTML y CSS2. "))
    (:link "http://www.intergruas.com/" "Intergruas 2000 S.L. ")
    (:skills "MacOSX""Linux""Apache""postfix"))))

  (:tags unix administration)
  (:date 2006 "1996 - 2006")
  (:client "Association CulturesFrance")
  (:title (:text (:en "Unix Administrator")
                 (:fr "Administrateur Unix")
                 (:es "Administrador Unix")))
   ((:text (:en "Installation and remote administration of a "
                "4-CPU Linux cluster server including:")
           (:fr "Configuration et télémaintenance d'un serveur "
                "Linux cluster de 4 CPU comprenant entre autres :")
           (:es "Instalación y Administración a distancia de "
                "un servidor Linux cluster de 4 CPU incluyendo:"))
     ((:text (:en "a domain name server (DNS),")
             (:fr "serveur nom de domaine (DNS),")
             (:es "servidor de dominio (DNS),")))
     ((:text (:en "a mail server "
                  "(postfix MTA, POP, IMAP, ClamAV, "
                  "SpamAssassin, WebMail),")
             (:fr "serveur de messagerie "
                  "(postfix MTA, POP, IMAP, ClamAV, "
                  "SpamAssassin, WebMail),")
             (:es "servidor de mensajeria "
                  "(postfix MTA, POP, IMAP, ClamAV, "
                  "SpamAssassin, WebMail),")))
     ((:text (:en "Web and FTP server with virtual hosting,")
             (:fr "serveur Web et FTP avec hébergement virtuel,")
             (:es "Servidor Web y FTP con virtual hosting,")))
     ((:text (:en "MySQL database server,")
             (:fr "Serveur de base de donnée MySQL,")
             (:es "Servidor de base de datos MySQL,")))
     ((:text (:en "mail list server,")
             (:fr "serveur de listes de diffusion,")
             (:es "Servidor de listas de difusion,")))
     ((:text (:en "2nd level phone support,")
             (:fr "Support technique téléphonique de 2e niveau,")
             (:es "Soporte telefonico de nivel 2 a los usuarios,")))
     ((:text (:en "a few on-site travels for hardware upgrades,")
             (:fr "Visite sur site pour mises à jour du matériel,")
             (:es "Algunos viajes en sitio para poner al dia el "
     ((:text (:en "Development of various utilities in Common Lisp:")
             (:fr "Développment de divers utiltiaires en Common Lisp :")
             (:es "Desarrollo de diversas utilidades en Common Lisp :"))
       ((:text (:en "Web application to let the users manage "
                    "their .vacation file,")
               (:fr "Application Web permettant aux utilisateurs "
                    "la gestion de leur fichier .vacation")
               (:es "Aplicacion Web de gestion de los usuarios "
                    "(selección del tipo de accesso de correo "
                    "(POP o IMAP), cambio de contraseña, "
                    "gestion del programa vacation, etc). ")))
       ((:text (:en "Generation of named configuration and zone files. ")
               (:fr "Génération des fichiers de configuration et "
                    "zones de named. ")
               (:es "Generación de los archivos de configuración "
                    "y zonas DNS. ")))
       ((:text (:en "Generation of Apache virtual configuration file. ")
               (:fr "Génération des fichiers de configuration des site virtuels Apache. ")
               (:es "Generaci de los archivos de configuración de sitios virtuales Apache. ")))
       ((:text (:en "Generation of postfix databases (virtual, access, ...). ")
               (:fr "Génération des bases de données postfix (virtual, access, ...). ")
               (:es "Generación de las bases de datos de postfix (virtual, access, ...). "))))))
    (:link "http://www.culturesfrance.com" "Association Cultures-France (ex AFAA)")
    (:mode (:text (:en "Remote work")
                  (:fr "Télétravail")
                  (:es "Trabajo a distancia")))
    (:skills "Linux""Apache""postfix""Common Lisp""UncommonWeb"))))

  ;; (:order 0)
  (:tags unix development)
  (:date (2003 5) (:text (:en "December 2000 - June 2003")
                         (:fr "Décembre 2000 - Juin 2003")
                         (:es "Diciembre 2000 - Junio 2003")))
  (:client "H+BEDV, GmbH")
  (:title (:text (:en "AvMailGate maintenance")
                 (:fr "Maintenance AvMailGate")
                 (:es "Mantenimiento AvMailGate")))
   (:text (:en "Maintenance of AvMailGate, email antivirus filter, "
               "for H+BEDV GmbH (all but the antivirus part per se "
               "which is done in house by H+BEDV). "
               "Development of test case scripts in emacs-lisp. ")
          (:fr "Développement et Maintenance du logiciel AvMailGate, "
               "filtre antivirus de messagerie, de H+BEDV GmbH, "
               "(hormis la partie antivirus proprement dite). "
               "Développement des scripts de test de regression en emacs-lisp. ")
          (:es "Mantenimiento y desarrollo de nuevas funciones "
               "de AvMailGate, filtro de correo antivirus, "
               "para H+BEDV GmbH (Todo, salvo la parte antivirus "
               "que esta hecha por H+BEDV). "
               "Desarrollo de scripts de test en emacs-lisp. "))
   (:link "http://www.avira.de/" "Avira GmbH (ex H+BEDV GmbH)")
   (:mode (:text (:en "Remote work")
                 (:fr "Télétravail")
                 (:es "Trabajo a distancia")))
   (:skills "Unix""C""SMTP""emacs-lisp")))

  ;; (:order 0)
  (:tags unix openstep development)
  (:date (2001 6) (:text (:en "Summer 2001")
                         (:fr "Été 2001")
                         (:es "Verano 2001")))
  (:client "Mappy, SA")
  (:title (:text (:en "Quad-Tree Geographic Index")
                 (:fr "Index géographique à base d'arbre quaternaire")
                 (:es "Base de datos geograficos a base d'arboles cuaternario")))
   (:text (:en "Development of a fast geographical indexing "
               "module in C++, based on memory mapped quad-trees files, "
               "for an interactive map application (for Mappy SA). "
               "Testbed developed on NeXTSTEP. ")
          (:fr "Développement en C++ d'un module d'indexation "
               "géographique à base d'arbres quaternaires pour "
               "une application de cartographie interactive "
               "(Mappy SA). "
               "Application de test développée sur NeXTSTEP. ")
          (:es "Desarrollo de un modulo de indexación geográfica "
               "rapida in C++, basado en archivos d'arboles cuaternarios "
               "mapeados en memoria, por una aplicación de mapas "
               "interactivas (para Mappy SA). "
               "Aplicación de test desarrollado sobre NeXTSTEP. "))
   (:link "http://www.mappy.com/"  "Mappy, SA")
   (:mode (:text (:en "Remote work")
                 (:fr "Télétravail")
                 (:es "Trabajo a distancia")))
   (:skills "Unix""C++""OpenStep""Objective-C")))

  (:tags openstep development)
  (:date (1997 9) (:text (:en "Autumn 1997 - Spring 1998")
                         (:fr "Automne 1997 - Printemps 1998")
                         (:es "Otoño 1997 - Primavera 1998")))
  (:client "X & Lan, SA")
  (:title (:text (:en "NeXTSTEP App AELEC")
                 (:fr "Application NeXTSTEP AELEC")
                 (:es "Aplicación NeXTSTEP AELEC")))
   (:text (:en "A module of the AELEC application which purpose "
               "is to generate labels for double-blind clinical "
               "tests (for X Lan SA). ")
          (:fr "Un module de l'application AELEC "
               "(génération d'étiquettes pour des tests cliniques "
               "en double-aveugle) (X Lan SA). ")
          (:es "Un modulo de la aplicación AELEC: generación de "
               "etiquetas para los testos clinicos en doble "
               "ciego (para X Lan SA). "))
   (:skills "NeXTSTEP""Objective-C")))

  (:tags unix development)
  (:date 1996 "1994 - 1996")
  (:client "ORME Informatique, SARL")
  (:title (:text (:fr "Consultant Abeille/Vie SA")
                 (:en "Consulting at Abeille/Vie SA")
                 (:es "Consultorio en Abeille/Vie SA")))
   (:text (:en "Worked as consultant at "
               "Abeille/Vie (Commecial Union), Secteur Méthodes:")
          (:fr "Consultant chez Abeille/Vie (Commecial Union), "
               "Secteur Méthodes :")
          (:es "Trabajé de consultor en la compañia de "
               "seguros Abeille/Vie (Commecial Union), "
               "Sector Metodologia:"))
    ((:text (:en "Managed a team of 3 persons responsible "
                 "of the printing applications. ")
            (:fr "mise en place de la cellule composition "
                 "(3 personnes) responsable des applications "
                 "d'impression des courriers clients. ")
            (:es "Dirigé un equipo de tres personas "
                 "responsable de las aplicaciones de impresion "
                 "de los correos de seguro. "))
     (:skills "SGML" "Xerox 4090 printer" "PCL printer"))
    ((:text (:en "Technical support to UNIX developpers. ")
            (:fr "Support technique aux développeurs UNIX. ")
            (:es "Soporte Tecnico a los desarroladores UNIX. "))
     (:skills "makefile" "RCS" "CVS" "development tools"))
    ((:text (:en "Object-Oriented technologies consulting. ")
            (:Fr "Conseils technologies orientées-objet. ")
            (:es "Consultor sobre las tecnologias Orientado "
                 "a Objetos. ")))
    ((:text (:en "Planed and launched the development of a "
                 "time tracking and user requests management "
                 "software. ")
            (:fr "Planification et mise en route du "
                 "développement d'un logiciel de gestion "
                 "des temps et des requêtes utilisateur. ")
            (:es "Planifiqué y arranqué el desarrolo de una "
                 "aplicación de seguimiento de tiempos de "
                 "trabajo y gerencia de las peticiones de "
                 "usuarios. "))))))

  ;; (:order 1)
  (:tags unix openstep development)
  (:date (1999 6) (:text (:en "Summer 1999")
                         (:fr "Été 1999")
                         (:es "Verano 1999")))
  (:client "Orange Concept, SA")
  (:title (:text (:en "GNUstep EOF-1 adapter for Oracle")
                 (:fr "Adaptateur Oracle pour GNUstep")
                 (:es "Adaptador Oracle por GNUstep")))
   (:text (:en "Development of an Oracle7/Oracle8 adaptor for GNUstep/db "
               "(compatible with Apple's Enterprise Object Framework)")
          (:fr "Développement d'un adapteur Oracle7/Oracle8 pour "
               "GNUstep/db (compatible EOF-1). ")
          (:es "Desarrollo de un adaptador Oracle7/Oracle8 para "
               "GNUstep/db (compatible con EOF-1). "))
   (:link "http://www.informatimago.com/develop/gnustep/#OracleAdaptor")
   (:link "http://www.gnustep.org")
   (:mode (:text (:en "Remote work, free software funded by: ")
                 (:fr "Télétravail, logiciel libre financé par : ")
                 (:es "Trabajo a distancia, "
                      "software libre financiado por : "))
          (:link "http://www.orange-concept.com/" "Orange Concept"))
   (:skills "GNUstep""Objective-C""Oracle")))

  (:tags network administration)
  (:date (1998 9) (:text (:en "Autumn 1998")
                         (:fr "Automne 1998")
                         (:es "Otoño 1998")))
  (:client "SECUR.NET")
  (:title (:text (:en "Cisco router: Inmarsat / Fleur de Lampaul")
                 (:fr "routeur Cisco : Inmarsat / Fleur de Lampaul")
                 (:es "enrutador Cisco : Inmarsat / Fleur de Lampaul")))
   (:text (:en "Installation and configuration of a Cisco 1600 "
               "router between the Saturn B satellite "
               "transmitter (Inmarsat) and the LAN of the "
               "'Fleur de Lampaul'. "
          (:fr "Installation et configuration d'un routeur "
               "Cisco 1600 entre le transmetteur Inmarsat "
               "Saturn B et le réseau local du 'Fleur de Lampaul'. "
          (:es "Installación y configuración de un enrutador "
               "Cisco 1600 entre un transmisor Saturn B de "
               "satelito (Inmarsat) y la red local del barco "
               "'Fleur de Lampaul'. "
   (:link "http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fleur_de_Lampaul" "Fleur de Lampaul")
   (:link "http://secur.net/" "SECUR.NET")
   (:skills "cisco IOS" "router")))

  (:tags development uml openstep)
  (:date (1998 1) (:text (:en "January 1998 - July 1998")
                         (:fr "Janvier 1998 - Juin 1998")
                         (:es "Enero 1998 - Julio 1998")))
  (:client "SECUR.NET")
  (:title "Specification and analysis of a remote medecine system")
   (:text (:en "Specification and analysis (UML) of a telemedecine system, "
               "allowing consultation of patients by M.D. of differing languages "
               "based on a graphical and Multiple Choice Question forms. "
               "(SECUR.NET, Samaid, Dr. Chauvin)")
          (:fr "Spécificiation et analyse (UML) d'un système de télémédecine, "
               "permettant la consultation d'un patient par un médecin ne parlant "
               "pas la même langue, via des formulaires graphiques et à "
               "questions à choix multiples. "
               "(SECUR.NET, Samaid, Dr. Chauvin)")
          (:es "Especificación y análisis (UML) de un sistema de medecina a "
               "distancia, permitiendo la consulta de pacientes por un medico "
               "que no hablan el mismo idioma, basada en formularios graficos y"
               "preguntas a elección multiple. "
               "(SECUR.NET, Samaid, Dr. Chauvin)"))
   (:link "http://secur.net/" "SECUR.NET")
   (:skills "UML" "OpenStep" "java")))

  ;; (:order 1)
  (:tags openstep development)
  (:date (1998 6) (:text (:en "Summer 1998")
                         (:fr "Été 1998")
                         (:es "Verano 1998")))
  (:client "Free Software")
  (:title "NeXTSTEP User Interface for Squeak Smalltalk")
   (:text (:en "NeXTSTEP User Interface for Squeak Smalltalk. ")
          (:fr "Interface utilisateur NeXTSTEP pour Smalltalk Squeak. ")
          (:es "Interfaz usuario grafico NeXTSTEP para el "
               "Smalltalk Squeak. "))
   (:link  "http://www.informatimago.com/develop/squeak/")
   (:skills "NeXTSTEP""Objective-C""Smalltalk")))

  ;; (:order 0)
  (:tags macintosh openstep common-lisp development)
  (:date (1996 9) (:text (:en "Autumn 1996 - Summer 1997")
                         (:fr "Automne 1996 - Été 1997")
                         (:es "Otoño 1996 - Verano 1997")))
  (:client "Hermstedt, GmbH")
  (:title "EuroFile Transfer ETS 300 375 Port to Mac")
   (:text (:en "Porting the EuroFile Transfer ETS 300 375 protocol "
               "stack from PC to Macintosh (for the GrandCentral "
               "application of Hermstedt GmbH). ")
          (:fr "Port du protocole EuroFile Transfer ETS 300 375 de "
               "PC à Macintosh (pour l'application GrandCentral "
               "de Hermstedt GmbH). ")
          (:es "Portage del protocolo EuroFile Transfer ETS 300 375"
               "de PC a Macintosh (por la aplicación GrandCentral de Hermstedt GmhH)."))
   (:text (:en "(Developed partial C++ parser in Common Lisp "
               "to aid in the analysis of the original C++ code). ")
          (:fr "(Développé un parseur partiel C++ en Common Lisp "
               "pour faciliter l'analyse du code C++ original. ")
          (:es "(Desarrollé un analizador partial de C++ en "
               "Common Lisp para ayudar en la análisis del "
               "codigo original en C++). "))
   (:link "http://www.hermstedt.de/" "Hermstedt, GmbH")
   (:mode (:text (:en "Remote work, with a final travel at Hermstedt's. ")
                 (:fr "Télétravail, "
                      "avec un séjour final chez Hermstedt. ")
                 (:es "Trabajo a distancia, con un viaje final. "
                      "en Alemania")))
   (:skills "EFT""Macintosh""C++""NeXTSTEP""Common Lisp")))

  (:tags unix openstep administration)
  (:date (1996 6) (:text (:en "Summer 1996")
                         (:fr "Été 1996")
                         (:es "Verano 1996")))
  (:client "Association CulturesFrance")
  (:title "Admin Unix NeXTSTEP")
   (:text (:en "Installation, configuration and remote administration "
               "of a NeXTSTEP intranet/Internet server (for AFAA). ")
          (:fr "Installation, configuration et télé-administration "
               "d'un serveur Intranet/Internet (AFAA). ")
          (:es "Installación, configuración y administración a "
               "distancia de un servidor Internet y intranet "
               "NeXTSTEP (para AFAA). "))
   (:link "http://www.culturesfrance.com" "Association Cultures-France (ex AFAA)")
   (:mode (:text (:en "Remote work")
                 (:fr "Télétravail")
                 (:es "Trabajo a distancia")))
   (:skills "NeXTSTEP" "sendmail" "POP-3")))

  ;; (:order 1)
  (:tags unix openstep development)
  (:date (1996 3) (:text (:en "Spring 1996")
                         (:fr "Printemps 1996")
                         (:es "Primavera 1996")))
  (:client "Free Software")
  (:title "NeXTSTEP CL-GD754x Screen Device Driver")
   (:text (:en "Development of a NeXTSTEP CL-GD754x Screen "
               "Device Driver. ")
          (:fr "Développement d'un pilote vidéo CL-GD754x "
               "pour NeXTSTEP. ")
          (:es "Desarrollo de un piloto de pantalla CL-GD754x "
               "para NeXTSTEP. "))
   (:link "http://www.informatimago.com/develop/cirrus/")
   (:skills "NeXTSTEP""Objective-C")))

  ;; (:order 0)
  (:tags unix openstep development)
  (:date (1993 9) (:text (:en "Autumn 1993 - Spring 1994")
                         (:fr "Automne 1993 - Prinptemps 1994")
                         (:es "Otoño 1993 - Primavera 1994")))
  (:client "Free Software")
  (:title "NeXTSTEP Minitel 1B Videotex Terminal Emulator")
   (:text (:en "Development of NeXTSTEP Minitel 1B Videotex "
               "Terminal Emulator. ")
          (:fr "Développement d'un émulateur Minitel 1B. ")
          (:es "Desarrollo de un emulador de terminal Videotex "
               "Minitel 1B para NeXTSTEP. "))
   (:link "http://www.informatimago.com/develop/mtel/")
   (:skills "NeXTSTEP""C++""Videotex")))

  (:tags network administration)
  (:date (1993 3) (:text (:en "Spring 1993")
                         (:fr "Printemps 1993")
                         (:es "Primavera 1993")))
  (:client "SECUR.NET")
  (:title "Installation and configuration of routers on a WAN")
   (:text (:en "Installation and configuration of routers on a WAN "
               "(for SECUR.NET). ")
          (:fr "Installation et configuration de routeurs WAN "
               "(SECUR.NET). ")
          (:es "Installación y configuración de enrutadores WAN "
               "(para SECUR.NET)"))
   (:link "http://secur.net/" "SECUR.NET")
   (:skills "router""internet""DNS""sendmail""X25""X400")))

  ;; (:order 1)
  (:tags unix openstep development)
  (:date (1991 12) (:text (:en "Winter 1992")
                          (:fr "Hiver 1992")
                          (:es "Invierno 1992")))
  (:client "Free Software")
  (:title "NeXTSTEP Abalone")
   (:text (:en "NeXTSTEP port of the Abalone game. ")
          (:fr "Port d'un ludiciel Abalone de Macintosh à "
               "NeXTSTEP. ")
          (:es "Translación de un juego Abalone de Macintosh "
               "a NeXTSTEP. "))
   (:link "http://www.informatimago.com/develop/abalone/")
   (:skills "NeXTSTEP""Objective-C")))

  ;; (:order 1)
  (:tags unix openstep development)
  (:date (1991 3) (:text (:en "Spring 1991")
                         (:fr "Printemps 1991")
                         (:es "Primavera 1991")))
  (:client "Dia Informatica, SARL")
  (:title "NeXTSTEP ProDoc")
   (:text (:en "NeXTSTEP prototype of user interface for the ProDoc "
               "application (for DiaInformatica SARL). ")
          (:fr "Prototype d'interface utilisateur d'une application "
               "sur NeXTSTEP (DiaInformatica SARL). ")
          (:es "Prototipo de interfaz usuario NeXTSTEP por la "
               "applicación ProDoc (para DiaInformatica SARL). "))
   (:skills "NeXTSTEP""Objective-C")))

  (:tags macintosh development)
  (:date (1990 12) (:text (:en "Winter 1991")
                          (:fr "Hiver 1991")
                          (:es "Invierno 1991")))
  (:client "SECUR.NET")
  (:title "Macintosh Camera Remote Control")
   ;; OSII Rémy R&D
   (:text (:en "Macintosh software to control remotely video "
               "cameras (for SECUR.NET). ")
          (:fr "Logiciel de commande à distance de caméra vidéo "
               "pour Macintosh (SECUR.NET). ")
          (:es "Un programa de mando a distancia para camaras "
               "video sobre Macintosh (para SECUR.NET). "))
   (:link "http://secur.net/" "SECUR.NET")
   (:skills "Macintosh""Modula-2")))

  ;; (:order 0)
  (:tags macintosh development)
  (:date (1990 6) (:text (:en "Summer 1989 - Spring 1990")
                         (:fr "Été 1989 - Printemps 1990")
                         (:es "Verano 1989 - Primavera 1990")))
  (:client "SCSI, SA")
  (:title "Macintosh ISDN Card Driver")
   (:text (:en "Macintosh ISDN Card Driver (for SCSI SA). ")
          (:fr "Pilote de carte RNIS pour Macintosh (SCSI SA). ")
          (:es "Piloto para una tajeta de interfaz RDSI por "
               "Macintosh (para SCSI SA). "))
   (:skills "Macintosh""C""ISDN")))

  (:tags macintosh development)
  (:date (1989 3) (:text (:en "Spring 1989")
                         (:fr "Printemps 1989")
                         (:es "Primavera 1989")))
  (:client "CEDISECO, SA")
  (:title "Minitel Mail Server")
   (:text (:en "Minitel Mail Server (for CEDISECO SA). ")
          (:fr "Serveur de messagerie Minitel (CEDISECO SA). ")
          (:es "Desarrollo de un servidor de mensajeria Minitel "
               "(para CEDISECO SA). "))
   (:skills "Macintosh""Modula-2""Videotex")))

  (:tags macintosh network administration)
  (:date (1988 9) "1988 - 1989")
  (:client "CEDISECO, SA")
  (:title "Admin Mac")
   (:text (:en "Employed by CEDISECO SA: Technical Support "
               "for a LAN of 20 Macintosh. ")
          (:fr "Employé par CEDISECO SA : Support Technique "
               "pour un réseau local de 20 Macintosh. ")
          (:es "Empleado por CEDISECO SA: Soporte tecnico "
               "de una red local de 20 Macintosh. "))))

  (:tags macintosh development)
  (:date (1987 12) (:text (:en "Winter 1988")
                          (:fr "Hiver 1988")
                          (:es "Invierno 1988")))
  (:client "CEDISECO, SA")
  (:title "Macintosh C.Itoh 600+ Line Printer Driver")
   (:text (:en "Macintosh C.Itoh 600+ Line Printer Driver, "
               "(for CEDISECO  SA)")
          (:fr "Pilote d'imprimante C.Itoh 600+ pour Macintosh "
               "(CEDISECO SA). ")
          (:es "Piloto de impresora C.Itoh 600+ por Macintosh, "
               "(para CEDISECO SA). "))
   (:skills "Macintosh""Modula-2")))

  (:tags macintosh development)
  (:date (1987 9) (:text (:en "Autumn 1987")
                         (:fr "Automne 1987")
                         (:es "Otoño 1987")))
  (:client "iOware, SARL")
  (:title "Macintosh SE External Screen Driver")
   (:text (:en "Macintosh SE External Screen Driver, "
               "(for iOware SARL)")
          (:fr "Pilote vidéo écran externe pour Macintosh SE "
               "(iOware SARL). ")
          (:es "Piloto de pantalla externa por Macintosh SE, "
               "(para iOware SARL). "))
   (:skills "Macintosh""68000 Assembler")))

  (:tags macintosh development)
  (:date (1987 6) (:text (:en "Summer 1987")
                         (:fr "Été 1987")
                         (:es "Verano 1987")))
  (:client "Free Software")
  (:title "Macintosh IDE for a small tutorial parallel programming language")
   (:text (:en "A Macintosh IDE for a small tutorial parallel "
               "programming language. ")
          (:fr "Un éditeur/compilateur/débogueur pour un "
               "langage de programmation parallèle didactique "
               "sur Macintosh. ")
          (:es "Desarrollo de un IDE (entorno de desarrollo "
               "integrado) por un pequeño lenguaje de programación "
               "paralelo didactico por Macintosh. "))
   (:skills "Macintosh""LightSpeed Pascal")))

  (:tags macintosh development)
  (:date (1986 12) (:text (:en "December 1986")
                          (:fr "Décembre 1986")
                          (:es "Diciembre 1986")))
  (:client "PsyDen, Inc")
  (:title "Macintosh Biorythm application")
   (:text (:en "Macintosh Biorythm application "
               "(published by PsyDen Inc). ")
          (:fr "Application Macintosh Biorythm "
               "(éditée par PsyDen Inc). ")
          (:es "Una aplicación de Bioritmos por Macintosh "
               "(publicado por PsyDen Inc). "))
   (:skills "Macintosh""LightSpeed Pascal")))

  (:tags development)
  (:date 1982 "1982 - 1988")
  (:client "Armée de l'Air")
  (:title "COBOL programmer")
   (:text (:en "Employed by the Armée de l'Air (French Air Force):")
          (:fr "Engagé dans Armée de l'Air :")
          (:es "Empleado por el Ejército del Aire Francés :"))
    (:text (:en "Maintainance of a COBOL and Assembler application. ")
           (:fr "Maintenance d'une application de gestion "
                "COBOL et Assembleur. ")
           (:es "Mantenimiento de una aplicación de gestion "
                "en COBOL y Asemblador. "))
    (:text (:en "Development of BASIC and DBASE IV applications. ")
           (:fr "Développement d'applications de gestion "
                "(BASIC et DBASE IV). ")
           (:es "Desarrolo de aplicaciones en BASIC y DBASE IV. ")))))

 ;; ------------------------------------------------------------

  (:date (1995 7) (:text (:en "July 1995")
                         (:fr "Juillet 1995")
                         (:es "Julio 1995")))
   (:text (:en "Softeam Classe-Relation OO Methodology and "
               "Objecteering CASE Course. ")
          (:fr "Stage Softeam: Méthodologie Classe-Relation, "
               "AGL Objecteering. ")
          (:es "Cursillo sobre la metodologia OO Clase-Relación "
               "de Softeam y Objecteering CASE. "))))

  (:date (1995 6) (:text (:en "June 1995")
                         (:fr "Juin 1995")
                         (:es "Junio 1995")))
   (:text (:en "NeXT Developer Training Course Programming "
               "with Enterprise Object Framework. ")
          (:fr "Stage NeXT: Programmation Enterprise Object Framework. ")
          (:es "Cursillo 'NeXT Developer Training Course Programming "
               "with Enterprise Object Framework'. "))))

  (:date 1992 (:text (:en "February 1992")
                     (:fr "Février 1992")
                     (:es "Febrero 1992")))
   (:text (:en "NeXT Developer Training Course Programming "
               "the NeXT Computer. ")
          (:fr "Stage NeXT: Programmation NeXTSTEP. ")
          (:es "Cursillo 'NeXT Developer Training Course Programming "
               "the NeXT Computer.'"))))

  (:date 1992 "1991 - 1992")
   (:text (:en "Maitrise d'Informatique at Université Pierre et "
               "Marie Curie - Paris 6")
          (:fr "Maitrise d'Informatique; "
               "Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6. ")
          (:es "Maitrise d'Informatique en la Universidad Pierre "
               "y Marie Curie - Paris 6. "))
   (:list (:text (:en "AI: Knowledge Representation (OO, Lisp);")
                 (:fr "IA: Représentation des connaissance (OO, Lisp);")
                 (:es "IA: Representación del conocimiento (OO, Lisp);"))
          (:text (:en "Algorithms: Parallel Algorithms, Compilation;")
                 (:fr "Algorithmes: Algorithmes parallèles, "
                 (:es "Algoritmos: Algoritmos paralelos, "
          (:text (:en "Operating systems: System Design, "
                      "Distributed Systems, Unix Architecture, "
                      "Network. ")
                 (:fr "Systèmes d'exploitation: "
                      "Conception des systèmes; "
                      "Systèmes distribués; " "Architecture Unix; "
                      "Réseaux. ")
                 (:es "Sistemas: Concepción de los sistemas, "
                      "Sistemas distribuidos, "
                      "Architectura Unix, Redes. ")))))

  (:date 1991 "1989 - 1991")
   (:text (:en "Licence d'Informatique at Université Pierre et "
               "Marie Curie - Paris 6")
          (:fr "Licence d'Informatique; "
               "Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6. ")
          (:es "Licence d'Informatique en la Universidad Pierre "
               "y Marie Curie - Paris 6. "))))

  (:date 1989 "1986 - 1989")
   (:text (:en "Diplôme d'Etudes Universitaires Générales 'A' "
               "Science et Structure de la Matière at Université "
               "Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6")
          (:fr "Diplôme d'Etudes Universitaires Générales 'A' "
               "Science et Structure de la Matière; "
               "Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6. ")
          (:es "Diploma de Estudios Universitarios Generales 'A' "
               "Ciencia y Structura de la Matera en la "
               "Universidad Pierre y Marie Curie - Paris 6. "))))

  (:date 1987 "1983 - 1987")
   (:text (:en "Premier Cycle Technique en Informatique at "
               "Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Paris). ")
          (:fr "Premier Cycle Technique en Informatique "
               "Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers (Paris). ")
          (:es "Primiero Ciclo Tecnico en Informática "
               "en el Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers "
               "(Paris). "))))

  (:date 1983 "1983")
   (:text (:en "Degree of Programmer/Operator in the Armée de l'Air "
               "(French Air Force)")
          (:fr "Diplôme de Programmeur/Pupitreur de l'Armée de l'Air. "
               "(équivalent Baccalauréat 'H'). ")
          (:es "Diploma de Programador/Operator en el "
               "Ejército del Aire Francés. "))))

  (:date 1982 "1982")
   (:text (:en "Baccalauréat Mathématiques")
          (:fr "Baccalauréat 'C' Mathématiques. ")
          (:es "Baccalauréat Mathématiques"))))

 ;; ------------------------------------------------------------

  (:text (:en "French: native")
         (:fr "Français : langue maternelle")
         (:es "Frances"))
  (:text (:en "English: fluent")
         (:fr "Anglais : courant")
         (:es "Inglés"))
  (:text (:en "Spanish: fluent")
         (:fr "Espagnol : courant")
         (:es "Castillano"))
  (:text (:en "German: learning")
         (:fr "Allemand : en étude")
         (:es "Alemán : aprendiendo")))

 ;; ------------------------------------------------------------

  (:text (:en "Programming")
         (:fr "Informatique")
         (:es "Informatica"))
  (:text (:en "Flight simulators")
         (:fr "Simulateurs de vol")
         (:es "Simulatores de vuelo"))
  (:text (:en "Science-Fiction")
         (:fr "Science-Fiction")
         (:es "Ciencia-Ficción"))
  (:text (:en "Sailing ships")
         (:fr "Voile")
         (:es "Vela"))))

;; ------------------------------------------------------------