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92130 Issy Les Moulineaux

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Operating systems:
  • UNIX: Linux, MacOSX, iOS, Android.
  • System programming and applications;
  • Unix system administration.

Development environment:
  • UNIX, GNU/Linux: emacs, Standard UNIX and GNU development tools, GNUstep development tools (Gorm).
  • MacOSX: Xcode, Interface Builder.
  • Android: SDK, NDK, ant, Eclipse, AndroidStudio.

SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, OpenTSDB/HBASE, Oracle, Sybase

SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, HTML, CGI, CSS, FTP, DNS, NFS, routers, DDWRT/OpenWRT, cisco ios, ...

Programming Languages:
Common Lisp, emacs-lisp, scheme, Swift, Objective-C, C, C++, Java, Javascript, Smalltalk, Modula-3, Modula-2, Pascal

CASE Tools:
  • Modelio, Objecteering UML (from Softeam SA);
  • Argo UML.


January 2016 - May 2017 -- Trustonic, Ltd -- iOS Consultant: port of the TAB WB SDK and its build system, from Android to iOS.
Trustonic Ltd. []
Android, Java, AndroidStudio, XMPP, iOS, Objective-C, Xcode, Interface Builder, Ruby, Git, Agile, maven, GNU make, bash, python, Xcodeproj, Jenkins, ios-deploy, Jira, Crucible, Confluence, LiquidPlanner

Summer 2015 -- AF Engineering -- Specifications and development of an Order Processing System, with Web Application; to be deployed to take orders for take-away pizzas.
AF Engineering []
Common Lisp, HTML, JavaScript, PostgreSQL

June 2013 - March 2014 -- Ubudu, SAS -- Development of Ubudu SDK and products.
Ubudu Pro []
Ubudu []
Android, Java, Eclipse, iOS, Objective-C, Xcode, Interface Builder, GUI, Router, Wifi, Ultrasound, iBeacon, Bluetooth LTE, Geofencing, Ruby, Git, Github, Agile

October 2012 - May 2013 -- DxO Labs, SA -- Evolution of the user interface of DxO Optics Pro Mac.
Maintaining and new features of the MacOSX Application DxO Optics Pro, from version 8.0 to 8.5. Work in Agile/Scrum team, with both local and remote members.
DxO Optics Pro []
MacOSX, Objective-C, GUI, Ruby, Cucumber, Gherkin, Python, Subversion, Mercurial, Agile, Scrum, Jira, Crucible, Confluence, Bamboo

Summer 2012 -- Alexis Bosch -- Port of the music application Patchwork from MacOS to MacOSX
Port of the music application Patchwork from MacOS to MacOSX.
Patchwork Repository []
MacOS, MacOSX, Common Lisp, Midi, GUI

Winter 2012 - Spring 2012 -- Ogamita -- Nasium L.S.E. - Implementation of the L.S.E. programming language.
Developed a L.S.E system (Langage Symbolique d'Enseignement, a French programming language for schools). Implemented a byte-code compiler and a virtual machine. The system can be used remotely thru telnet (or ssh), or locally, as a command-line-interface program or to write unix scripts.
Ogamita []
Common Lisp, Linux, MacOSX, MS-Windows, compilation, telnet protocol

Summer 2010 - Autumn 2010 -- Medicalis, SL -- MDI, Embedded real-time data collection device
Developed a system to collect real-time data from various sources (medical devices), normalize them (in format and time), and forward them to processing or storing systems, ensuring that no data is lost in case of communication problem. Gathered the specifications. Analysed the system architecture. Developped some modules (including the lower level communication protocol module). Taught Common Lisp to co-worker.
Medicalis, S.L. []
Common Lisp, Linux, postgresql

Spring 2010 -- Medicalis, SL -- Incident Tracker, Web Application
Development of an incident tracker for Alliance Medical Diagnósticos. The web application allows hospitals to manage rendez-vous with patients for the mobil diagnostic units, and separately, to manage mobil units incidents. Gathered specifications, analysed and programmed the new features in PHP (some generated from Common Lisp code) and modification of the pre-existing MantisBT bug tracker. Development of an incident importation module written in Common Lisp.
Medicalis, S.L. []
Alliance Medical Diagnósticos, S.L. []
PHP, Common Lisp, MantisBT, mysql

Spring 2009 -- Medicalis, SL -- Amigo, MacOSX Application
Development of new features in the Amigo application (interface between OsiriX and RIS databases).
Medicalis, S.L. []
Objective-C, OsiriX, DICOM, dcm4chee, postgresql, MacOSX, VeriFinger

Autumn 2007 - Autumn 2009 -- Anevia SAS -- Research & Development Software Engineer
Maintenance and implementation of new features on the 'ViaManager' RTSP server including: integration of a configuration interface (IPC); implementation of redundancy of the Live IPTV servers. Wrote Objecteering macros (scripts J). Wrote regression tests (scripts Ruby). Wrote C++ code generation tools (Common Lisp, Ruby). Developed a tool to update a database (sqlite, unixODBC) from XML messages.
Anevia SAS []
Common Lisp, Ruby, Objecteering, Objecteering J, UML, C++, Linux, XML, sqlite, unixODBC, PostgreSQL

Spring 2007 -- RavenPack Internationnal, SL -- Common Lisp WebApp Generator
Development of a web application generator.
RavenPack Internationnal, S.L. []
Common Lisp, AllegroServe, AllegroCache, Oracle, JavaScript, DojoToolkit

2000 - 2007 -- Intergruas 2000, SL -- Unix Administrator
Installation and administration of a web and email server, and small MacOSX LAN with 1st level phone support to the users. Teaching web site design with HTML and CSS2.
Intergruas 2000 S.L. []
MacOSX, Linux, Apache, postfix

1996 - 2006 -- Association CulturesFrance -- Unix Administrator
Installation and remote administration of a 4-CPU Linux cluster server including: Association Cultures-France (ex AFAA) []
Remote work
Linux, Apache, postfix, Common Lisp, UncommonWeb

2005 -- Intergruas 2000, SL -- Common Lisp Address Collecting Web Agent
Development of a web agent to collect addresses from web phone directories,
Intergruas 2000 S.L. []
Common Lisp, HTTP, HTML parsing, pattern matching , CSV, database

December 2000 - June 2003 -- H+BEDV, GmbH -- AvMailGate maintenance
Maintenance of AvMailGate, email antivirus filter, for H+BEDV GmbH (all but the antivirus part per se which is done in house by H+BEDV). Development of test case scripts in emacs-lisp.
Avira GmbH (ex H+BEDV GmbH) []
Remote work
Unix, C, SMTP, emacs-lisp

Summer 2001 -- Mappy, SA -- Quad-Tree Geographic Index
Development of a fast geographical indexing module in C++, based on memory mapped quad-trees files, for an interactive map application (for Mappy SA). Testbed developed on NeXTSTEP.
Mappy, SA []
Remote work
Unix, C++, OpenStep, Objective-C

Summer 1999 -- Orange Concept, SA -- GNUstep EOF-1 adapter for Oracle
Development of an Oracle7/Oracle8 adaptor for GNUstep/db (compatible with Apple's Enterprise Object Framework)
Remote work, free software funded by:
Orange Concept []

GNUstep, Objective-C, Oracle

Autumn 1998 -- SECUR.NET -- Cisco router: Inmarsat / Fleur de Lampaul
Installation and configuration of a Cisco 1600 router between the Saturn B satellite transmitter (Inmarsat) and the LAN of the 'Fleur de Lampaul'. (SECUR.NET)
Fleur de Lampaul []
cisco IOS, router

January 1998 - July 1998 -- SECUR.NET -- Specification and analysis of a remote medecine system
Specification and analysis (UML) of a telemedecine system, allowing consultation of patients by M.D. of differing languages based on a graphical and Multiple Choice Question forms. (SECUR.NET, Samaid, Dr. Chauvin)
UML, OpenStep, java

Summer 1998 -- Free Software -- NeXTSTEP User Interface for Squeak Smalltalk
NeXTSTEP User Interface for Squeak Smalltalk.
NeXTSTEP, Objective-C, Smalltalk

Autumn 1997 - Spring 1998 -- X & Lan, SA -- NeXTSTEP App AELEC
A module of the AELEC application which purpose is to generate labels for double-blind clinical tests (for X Lan SA).
NeXTSTEP, Objective-C

1994 - 1996 -- ORME Informatique, SARL -- Consulting at Abeille/Vie SA
Worked as consultant at Abeille/Vie (Commecial Union), Secteur Méthodes:

Autumn 1996 - Summer 1997 -- Hermstedt, GmbH -- EuroFile Transfer ETS 300 375 Port to Mac
Porting the EuroFile Transfer ETS 300 375 protocol stack from PC to Macintosh (for the GrandCentral application of Hermstedt GmbH). (Developed partial C++ parser in Common Lisp to aid in the analysis of the original C++ code).
Hermstedt, GmbH []
Remote work, with a final travel at Hermstedt's.
EFT, Macintosh, C++, NeXTSTEP, Common Lisp

Summer 1996 -- Association CulturesFrance -- Admin Unix NeXTSTEP
Installation, configuration and remote administration of a NeXTSTEP intranet/Internet server (for AFAA).
Association Cultures-France (ex AFAA) []
Remote work
NeXTSTEP, sendmail, POP-3

Spring 1996 -- Free Software -- NeXTSTEP CL-GD754x Screen Device Driver
Development of a NeXTSTEP CL-GD754x Screen Device Driver.
NeXTSTEP, Objective-C

Autumn 1993 - Spring 1994 -- Free Software -- NeXTSTEP Minitel 1B Videotex Terminal Emulator
Development of NeXTSTEP Minitel 1B Videotex Terminal Emulator.
NeXTSTEP, C++, Videotex

Spring 1993 -- SECUR.NET -- Installation and configuration of routers on a WAN
Installation and configuration of routers on a WAN (for SECUR.NET).
router, internet, DNS, sendmail, X25, X400

Winter 1992 -- Free Software -- NeXTSTEP Abalone
NeXTSTEP port of the Abalone game.
NeXTSTEP, Objective-C

Spring 1991 -- Dia Informatica, SARL -- NeXTSTEP ProDoc
NeXTSTEP prototype of user interface for the ProDoc application (for DiaInformatica SARL).
NeXTSTEP, Objective-C

Winter 1991 -- SECUR.NET -- Macintosh Camera Remote Control
Macintosh software to control remotely video cameras (for SECUR.NET).
Macintosh, Modula-2

Summer 1989 - Spring 1990 -- SCSI, SA -- Macintosh ISDN Card Driver
Macintosh ISDN Card Driver (for SCSI SA).
Macintosh, C, ISDN

Spring 1989 -- CEDISECO, SA -- Minitel Mail Server
Minitel Mail Server (for CEDISECO SA).
Macintosh, Modula-2, Videotex

1988 - 1989 -- CEDISECO, SA -- Admin Mac
Employed by CEDISECO SA: Technical Support for a LAN of 20 Macintosh.

Winter 1988 -- CEDISECO, SA -- Macintosh C.Itoh 600+ Line Printer Driver
Macintosh C.Itoh 600+ Line Printer Driver, (for CEDISECO SA)
Macintosh, Modula-2

Autumn 1987 -- iOware, SARL -- Macintosh SE External Screen Driver
Macintosh SE External Screen Driver, (for iOware SARL)
Macintosh, 68000 Assembler

Summer 1987 -- Free Software -- Macintosh IDE for a small tutorial parallel programming language
A Macintosh IDE for a small tutorial parallel programming language.
Macintosh, LightSpeed Pascal

December 1986 -- PsyDen, Inc -- Macintosh Biorythm application
Macintosh Biorythm application (published by PsyDen Inc).
Macintosh, LightSpeed Pascal

1982 - 1988 -- Armée de l'Air -- COBOL programmer
Employed by the Armée de l'Air (French Air Force):


July 1995
Softeam Classe-Relation OO Methodology and Objecteering CASE Course.

June 1995
NeXT Developer Training Course Programming with Enterprise Object Framework.

February 1992
NeXT Developer Training Course Programming the NeXT Computer.

1991 - 1992
Maitrise d'Informatique at Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6

1989 - 1991
Licence d'Informatique at Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6

1986 - 1989
Diplôme d'Etudes Universitaires Générales 'A' Science et Structure de la Matière at Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6

1983 - 1987
Premier Cycle Technique en Informatique at Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Paris).

Degree of Programmer/Operator in the Armée de l'Air (French Air Force)

Baccalauréat Mathématiques



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